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Our practice moves the focus from within the individual to the interaction of the individual with the environment and the meaning the person gives to their experience.The essential focus of our service is a collaborative ‘Plan-Do-Review Model’. It is intended to be a resource for parents, staff members and the whole school community.

Our practice acknowledges that teachers and parents are experts in their own rights and bring distinct complementary skills and knowledge to those of the psychologist to provide an effective partnership. The educational psychologist helps the group reach a shared understanding of how problems exist, what maintains them, and develop ideas for intervention plans. This requires a framework for working more creatively in the search for solutions to problems, action plans to implement interventions, and planned reviews to ensure the outcomes of our work are positive change. We see this as fundamental to an effective service to support schools with the ever-increasing demands placed on schools.

We do this by working in a collaborative partnership with colleagues in school through a ‘Plan-Do-Review’ Cycle which will enable a more proactive, intervention-oriented approach.