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Services For Parents

Most parents stumble through the act of parenting or take from their parenting experience to support and raise their children; bringing up children in the 21st century can be a challenge. When parents and carers understand their role, they raise successful children and the society benefits from this single kind act. NAAPS offers a range of services with parents and carers to develop bespoke interventions to address specific issues around home-school relationships and parental engagement.

Parent workshops: offer opportunities for parents to share experiences and learn from each other, to develop understanding of children’s needs and how parents can best support children’s learning and development. Workshops can also be focused on specific themes, e.g., play, behaviour, toileting, teenagers etc.

Value of attachment: NAAPS specialises in connecting parents to their roots emphasising the importance of attachment and reinforcing the bond between parents and children. We provide opportunity for parents to understanding the process of child development in the fast-developing age and the spiral nature in this process.

Parent drop-in services are opportunities for parents to discuss concerns about their children’s learning and development informally with a psychologist. Their knowledge of stages of developmental milestones, child development, issues of adolescence, family impact, and transition to adulthood are important for therapy and assessment. Some of the typical referral issues are; the willful child, toileting issues, attachment issues, early admission to nursery, separation from parents, school refusal, learning problems, homesickness at summer boarding school, behavioural problems, transition to high school and higher education and college decision making.