Our Service Model

Our Service Model


This is focused on an individual child and young person's (CYP) / adult's needs and in some cases, this may be through observation and/or assessment of the child and young person (CYP) / adult.

Other Services


    This includes providing support in areas sucsssh as:

    • Mental Health Issues
    • Rapid Response (Pandemic/ Crises or Trauma)
    • Psychological First Aid

    Consultations for staff, Workshops, Team development, Training, Practical Strategies for the Classroom, Policy Review and Development, Action Research Projects, Inclusion, Classroom Management and Send Consultancy for schools.


    • Religious organizations like the Churches and Mosques
    • Parent workshops
    • Family Support
    • Parent drop-in services

    • Educational Establishments
    • Specialist Support Services
    • Hospitals /GP Surgeries
    • Friends, Families, and Relatives
    • Organisations

    PLAN: the initial stage of sharing and gathering information to develop hypothesis about the identified concerns which leads to the development of an agreed intervention plan to support change towards identified outcomes.

    DO: implementing the intervention plan by those key individuals having agreed to participate.

    REVIEW: establishes progress made towards the agreed outcomes. It provides either an opportunity for a further intervention plan involvement to be agreed or discontinued. If agreed, then parents are informed, and Referral is then made for assessment.

    We also offer services such as:

    • Setting up Individualized Education Plans (IEP)
    • Providing support linked to the IEP by a Specialist Support Staff.
    • Observation in education settings
    • Providing termly reviews and progress reports.
    • Setting up Social Skills and Social Communication groups.
    • Other services as required

    Range of Psychological Services: We offer a range of psychological services to children and young people, adults, colleges, and employers including:

    • Assessments and Advice for schools, colleges, Access Arrangement and places of employment
    • In-depth diagnostic and behavioural assessments for all age groups from toddlers to adults.
    • Advice and consultation in educational and other settings (virtual and physical platforms)
    • Intervention – Support and study skills for children and young people.
    • Intervention – Support in the areas of socioemotional difficulties (anxiety, depression, bullying etc.) and social skills development.
    • Intervention – Social Communication Support
    • Setting up individualized Education Plans
    • Providing support linked to the IEP by a Specialist Support Staff
    • Observation in social setting/classroom
    • Advice for parents/carers on child development, parenting, and sibling rivalries
    • Relaxation and a range of well-being techniques to promote improved learning and examination preparation and performance
    • Assistance with examination anxiety/brain freeze/revision or study overload for all age groups and levels of learning from school entry tests to professional exams, and that includes GCSE, A-Levels.

    We operate a referral based service.

    The assessments can include psychometric tests, clinical interviews, liaison with relevant professionals and sometimes classroom observations. We then write bespoke reports with recommendations for both the client and the referrer. Sometimes, this can be followed up by few or several sessions where we can work on specific issues that may have been highlighted.

    NAAPS works with schools, colleges and higher institutions in Nigeria.


    • Speech and Language Therapist
    • Literacy Intervention Centre
    • Occupational therapist
    • Hospitals/paediatric centres
    • Support Centres

    We subscribe to the view that people are disabled by their environment or contexts. Our assessments reflect this, and any recommendations is focused on adapting the environment as well as explaining the client’s differences in a way that others can understand. Using the term Learning Differences highlights your equality with those who experience Learning or Behaviour in another way. you are neither better nor worse just ‘Different’. We support developments in Equalities Legislation for Children, Young people, and Adults.


    This service funds individuals who are hard to reach Experience significant difficulties with…. Financial education support to Indigent students/pupils through school (primary – tertiary)