About Us

Who We Are?

New Analysis Associates Psychological Service (NAAPS) is an independent psychological service offering a range of services for children and adults to facilitate positive change and enhance learning and emotional well-being through assessment, collaboration with parents, schools, and professionals to enable children’s successful transition into adulthood.

We undertake assessment to enable an understanding of individual’s learning profile. Our emphasis in evaluating learning difficulties is to assess learning abilities- what the child or young person can do well and how can those strengths be used to help overcome any deficiencies that may be present.
We believe in the unique potentials of children, families, and school communities and therefore hold ourselves to high ethical standards always, acting in the best interest of the child.

Our assessments are carried out by chartered and registered practitioner Educational/Child Psychologists who are specifically trained in the psychology of learning and child development as well as social emotional adjustment.
Our assessments are carried out in a child’s natural setting thereby giving children the opportunity to perform at their best. Parents and children are now free from the hassle and stress of travelling abroad for an assessment in a clinical environment. Our comprehensive assessment comes with structured intervention.

NAAPS work enables an understanding of individual’s learning profile, opportunities for the identification of giftedness, effective consultation to school staff and parents regarding students who exhibit behaviour problems in the classroom that interfere with learning. We work with parents to enhance their understanding of child development, schooling abroad, transition through academic career and the integration of foreign students in the Nigerian system.
Schools benefit from our package of support, resources, and professional development as we bring together the latest in research and practice in special education needs.
NAAPS service is designed to help both school and students gain the skills quickly and in depth. Our services are carried out in a collaborative, supportive, classroom-based environment with practical classroom strategies.